Basic Linux troubleshooting

  1. Search through /var/log/messages first with grep
  • grep error /var/log/messages or the historical message logs.
  • Search using grep “something” /var/log/messages or grep –i “Something” /var/log/messages to ignore case
  1. Look at the log entries around the reported timeframe
  • Use head or tail, tail –n 100 /var/log/messages
  • Use egrep or perl for more specific searches, if repeated analysis is needed
  1. Once the timeframe is known we can look at historical performance with various sar commands
  • sar –A
  • If Oracle Linux, run sosreport

slow space reclamation on Netapp NFS

Space reclamation is a background process. This normally is a slow process that will greatly consume resource on the filer. It would be recommended to perform space reclamation during the night time when there are less jobs running on the filer. As the Volumes are spanned within the Raid Groups of the Aggregates it will take WALF some time to free the blocks.

SnapDrive space reclamation in Windows Servers – Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Space Reclamation: If Being Thin is Attractive, Then Thin Provisioning Makes for Really Sexy Storage

NetApp Thin-Provisioned LUNs on RHEL 6.2 Deployment Guide that outlines space reclamation best practices on Red Hat Linux