Netapp and Antivirus AV configuration cluster mode

vserver vscan scanner-pool create -vserver anysvrv001_file -scanner-pool anysvrv001_file_SPool -servers,,,,, -privileged-users “anydomain\anyaccount”

vserver vscan scanner-pool apply-policy -vserver anysvrv001_file -scanner-pool anysvrv001_file_SPool -scanner-policy primary

vserver vscan on-access-policy create -vserver anysvrv001_file -policy-name anysvrv001_file_AV_Policy -protocol CIFS -filters scan-mandatory -max-file-size 20GB -file-ext-to-exclude “mp3”, “txt” -paths-to-exclude “\~snapshots”

vserver vscan on-access-policy enable -vserver anysvrv001_file -policy-name anysvrv001_file_AV_Policy

vserver vscan scanner-pool servers remove -vserver anysvrv001_file -scanner-pool anysvrv001_file_SPool -servers,,

vserver cifs share modify -vserver anysvrv001_file -share-name anysvrv001_file_root$ -vscan-fileop-profile standard

Users and groups in Linux

useradd -g oinstall -G asmadmin,asmdba,asmoper,dba,asmdba grid
usermod -a -G asmadmin oracle
usermod -a -G asmoper oracle
usermod -a -G asmdba oracle
usermod -a -G oinstall oracle
usermod -a -G oinstall grid

$ grep ‘grpup-name-here’ /etc/group
$ grep ‘ftponly’ /etc/group
$ grep -i color ‘ftponly’ /etc/group